Kobe’s Last Game

Photo Via AP, Jae C. Hong
Photo Via AP, Jae C. Hong


No one could have written a better ending to Kobe Bryant’s last game. The game-winning basket, the game-sealing free throws and 60 points to end his career, the most points ever by any player in their last game.

Yes, it took him 50 shots to get 60 points, but who cares? He did it at the age of 37, give him a break.

33,643 career points, 18 All-Star game appearances, five championships and much more (via Basketball-Reference).

Bryant had an illustrious 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers and gave the organization and its fans all we could have hoped for, and more. So, to see him go out the way he did was exciting, but, I nearly cried towards the game’s end. But how you could not as a Lakers’ fan?

After the game, Bryant gave a farewell speech that was concluded with two words forever engraved in NBA history, “Mamba out.”

He then laid the mic on the floor, signed the numbers 8 and 24 on the court and walked off for the final time.

Farewell, Kobe Bryant.