Five year Anniversary of What Could Have Been

Photo via WOMM
Photo via WOMM

I hate talking about it but here I am writing about it.

Five years ago on December 8, 2011,Chris Paul was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in blockbuster deal.

The three-team trade had the New Orleans Hornets sending Paul to the Lakers and receiving Lamar Odom in return as well as Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Goran Dragic from the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets would acquire Pau Gasol from the Lakers as part of the deal.

This was a fair trade all around.

Each team was getting talented players that would make them contenders in the Western Conference.

Just hours after the deal was officially announced, then NBA commissioner David Stern vetoed the trade.

There was uproar from all three teams involved in the trade as well as some of the players.

Chris Paul’s post-veto tweet, “WoW,” was exactly how Lakers fans felt after Stern’s announcement and is how they (we) feel until this day.

Imagine a backcourt comprised of Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant.

And then they would have acquired Dwight Howard and probably would have stayed this time.

Oh, what could have been.

Oh, the championships that would have been won.

Oh, how I hate David Stern.