Young Guys Holding it Down

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Photo via

Through 26 games this season, a handful of young Lakers are playing good basketball.

D’Angelo Russell, who has missed 12 games due to injury, is averaging 16.1 ppg and 4.8 assists. (ESPN)

Jordan Clarkson is scoring 14.6 ppg in a reserve role.

Julius Randle is at 13 a game and a rebound away from a nightly double-double.

Larry Nance Jr. is the Lakers source of energy and hustle  every night and rookie Brandon Ingram has shown the defensive promise that was expected and has had some offensive showings as well.

Despite the Lakers’ 10-16 record and an ongoing six-game skid, the team is still doing much better than they were last season until mid-December.

Had it not been for Russell’s 12 game absence as well as Randle’s three, the Lakers could have a winning record right now.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of games left and with Russell’s return last night against the Knicks, the Lakers should get back in the win column soon.


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