On The Way Up

Photo via Rantsports
Photo via Rantsports

Watch out for the Lakers. I am telling you now.

A young and hungry group, the Lakers are one or two years out from a postseason appearance.

It could even happen this season.

Through the NBA draft and free agency they have built a team with potential.

Coach Luke Walton is certainly the man for the job.

The players have chemistry with each other.

The are having fun on the court.

They have confidence and play fearlessly, having beat the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder and Atlanta Hawks, twice, this season.

What is preventing them from making the leap this season?

A few things, to be quite honest.

Lack of defense, poise and maturity.

They still give up too many easy baskets, lose leads just as easily as they build them and act up when spotlighted.

The exciting about this?

They are going to get better on defense.

They will learn how to hold leads and even build upon them.

They will learn to simply play basketball and handle business.

This team is just getting started and will be a threat in the near future.